Cap'n Ghost

Ghost captain of shipwreck, looking for his lost love


From the shipwreck Brine Demon.
Ghost, incorporeal, connected to the sea.
Chases anyone who takes the locket of Aesha off the ship.
Will find peace if he can see the face of his beloved one more time.


The captain appears in skeletal form, still wearing his captain’s uniform and tricorn hat.
His left hand is a gleaming metal hook.
He constantly drips with cold seawater.

Shortly before dying he was betrayed in a mutiny, retreated to his cabin while dying to gaze one more time upon the face of his lover Aesha, but succumbed to his mortal wounds before he could fumble open the lockbox and the locket with his one hand.

Maddened by grief, and over the loss of his ship, his life and his love, his spirit comes to life every night. He wanders the surf calling for her by name, now only knowing that his soul’s most desperate desire was to see her. If his locket is removed from his ship, he will hunt down the thieves every night, and demand the return of his love.

Cap'n Ghost

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