Castaway Sasha

castaway ranger saved from pterydactyls


Female human ranger.
Boarded at Ilizmagorti
Attitude Helpful, but quite chaotic.
Minquest: to get a pterydactyl egg/youngling. Over-ridden by saving her life.
Reward: Assassin ambush techniques, +1 bonus to Initiative checks.


Long red hair, green eyes, and missing her left pinky finger.
Symbol of the Red Mantis tattooed between her shoulder blades, that she takes no pains to hide.
Daughter to a high-ranking Red Mantis, she never fit in well during her training, and couldn’t take orders. Also too curious, reckless, and distractable. Instead of being ‘retired’, he mother’s high rank ensured she was instead only sent on a useless mission to a far off useless nation, with orders to never return.
She sees this as a grand opportunity to travel and adventure, although she’s always worried some Mantises are tracking her to keep their secrets safe.

She stormed off in contempt, doubting the PCs abilities, to brave the wild island alone. The party found her a couple weeks later. She’d been taken by very pterydactyls she arrogantly hunted, and kept as a warm meal for their young. She barely stayed alive on scrap bits of meat and fish as the elder dinosaurs bit off parts of her body to feed to the babies. Missing her fingers and toes, ears, chunks of flesh from her scalp and back, nonetheless she is thankful for the party in saving her.

Castaway Sasha

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