Castaway Gelik Aberwhinge

Gnome bard castaway


Gnome bard.
Can cast Cure Light Wounds.
Boarded at Magnimar.
Attitude friendly.
On “probation” with the Pathfinders.
Mini-quest to find out what happened to a Pathfinder ship called the Nightvoice completed. Reward: +1 to save against charm or language-dependent spells.


In poor standing with the Pathfinder Society, after trying to sell a fake thassilonian relic to a merchant in Magnimar. Trying to get into the Society.
Spry, energetic gnome with blonde hair and goatee. Dresses like a noble, keeps clean with liberal use of prestidigitation.
Quick-witted, talented speaker, snide comments and jokes at the expense of others.

Castaway Gelik Aberwhinge

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