Shipwrecked Varisian Scholar


-disturbing hints that she is responsible for the shipwreck of the Jenivere
-Captain Kovack’s ship logs show an increasingly unstable obsession with her
-evidence of her survival of the ship wreck. Varisian scarves, and a captain’s tricorn hat found at a makeshift beach camp
-Captain Kovack labels her a traitor and seductress in his deathbed confession
-She has apparently visited the Thrunefang Cannibals, and left them. Small boot prints found in the caverns under their camp.


A bookish Varisian scholar who tends to keep to herself.
She claims to be traveling to Sargava to explore ancient ruins there.
While on board the ship, she kept mostly to herselv, growing more intent on her studies the closer the ship traveled to Eleder.
When on board the Jenivere, rumors about her abounded. Some saying she was the secret owner of the ship, others that she was a Chelish agent, other said she was Kaptain Kovack’s secret lover.


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