Castaway Ishirou

Xian rogue castaway


Xian male, Rogue.
Boarded at Bloodcove.
Attitude Friendly.
Miniquest to find old pirate’s treasure trove from map completed.
Reward: fighting tricks give +1 bonus to CMB and CMD.
Has chain shirt and katana swords as loot, available for trade.


Grew up on father’s ship, but came to resent life at sea, always wanted to set down roots. Tragedy in his past, has been trying to escape it ever since, compounded with poor choices and heavy debts. Finally clear, and trying to make a new life in a the new colonial country of Sargava before the shipwreck.
Appears older than he should, prematurely graying and wrinkled. Ponytail and scruffy beard. Low quality equipment to avoid notice, but well maintained.
Personality is taciturn and dour, hardly smiles, and little patience for the spoiled and pretty.
Recently intrigued by Aerys the half elf, and her love of the sea, she has nothing in common with the crass sailors and criminals he’s encountered so far.
While he talks of honour and personal duels, it is a ruse to throw his opponents, and he will quickly move for sneak attacks and other dirty tactics.

Castaway Ishirou

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